Am I listed?

How can I find out if I am listed?

A facility will send you a pending listing form before you are listed on the Storer Check data base. If you have moved and not notified the storage facility of your new address, you may not have received this notice.

You have a legal right to know whether your have been listed on Storer Check, and what information is held. You may contact Storer Check at to confirm whether you are listed. This confirmation is a fee free service. You may obtain copy of all the information Storer Check holds about you by purchasing a My Information Report. 

How do I challenge a listing?

If you receive a pending listing form, or discover you are listed and wish to challenge the listing due to incorrect factual information, you need to contact Storer Check at and provide the information set out in the Disputed Listing Policy. You should read the Disputed Listing Policy before making a challenge.

Storer Check will consider your challenge in compliance with its Disputed Listing Policy.