Membership to Storer Check includes the following:

  • use of Storer Check’s legal documents enabling the collection and release of storer’s information
  • unlimited number of searches of the Storer Check database
  • ability to add unlimited number of defaulting storers and their details to the Storer Check database
  • annually updated Warning Notice notifying storers of your active Storer Check membership before they even enter your storage facility

Storer Check provides storage facilities with the ability to minimise costly sell ups, avoid defaulting storers, and reduce debt recovery expenses by enabling facilities to make better decisions about the storers they choose.

Membership is avaliable at the following rates:

  • $AU500 per annum per facility, and $AU300 per additional facility.
  • For franchised or multi facility operations contact us at

Self Storage Association members - membership to Storer Check is included as part of your Self Storage Association membership. To activate your Storer Check account contact us at



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By registering for membership and using the Storer Check Pty Ltd (‘Storer Check’) database and website you agree to the following terms and conditions:

A. You will follow procedures set out on the Storer Check web site at and for the listing of Storers, including:

  1. Displaying at your premises the Storer Check Information Form OR the Self Storage Association’s Privacy Information Document OR any another Privacy Policy/Private Information Form so long as it contains a Storer Check approved disclosure and consent clause.
  2. Provide a copy of the Storer Check Information Document OR the Self Storage Association’s Privacy Information Document OR any another Privacy Policy/Private Information Form containing a Storer Check approved disclosure and consent clause to Storers before they enter into an agreement for storage.
  3. Ensure a Pending Listing Form is sent to the last advised address of the Storer at least 7 days before listing them on the Storer Check database.
  4. Only list Storers in accordance with the Storer Check guidelines – see under Privacy – For Facilities.
  5. Only enter factual information on the Storer Check database.
  6. Only enter information about the Storer and not third parties/persons not party to the storage agreement.
  7. Not enter defamatory or discriminatory information or comments on the database.
  8. Comply with Storer Check’s Disputed Listing Policy (see under Privacy – For Facilities).

B. Indemnify Storer Check from claims of defamation, discrimination and racial vilification made against Store Check as a result of a listing made by you.

C. Not hold Storer Check liable for any legal actions, allegations, demands, writs or suits or legal costs and expenses which arise directly or indirectly out of the actions of the storage facility staff and/or owners and/or which are out of the control, influence or knowledge of Storer Check.

Storer Check may update these terms and conditions from time to time. If you don’t agree with any subsequent changes to the terms and conditions you may surrender your Storer Check membership without penalty.

Storer Check Pty Ltd