How It Works

 Storer Check aims to enable facilities to make better choices about the storers they choose.

When a storer applies for storage with a self storage facility, a storer also views or receives a Storer Check Information Form* allowing the facility to:

1. Search Storer Check to ensure the storer is not listed as a problem storer and

2. Allows the self storage facility to release the storer's information to Storer Check in the event that certain events take place. This information will then be available to other Storer Check members.

 * For members of the Self Storage Association, this is incorporated into your Privacy Document.


Size: 30.21 Kb

To view the Storer Check Information Form, you will need to have Adobe Reader installed.

Adobe Reader is free software that lets you view, print, search, and share Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files.